Group Information

                                         **** COMING IN FEBRUARY 2024 *****


The group is designed to be a 'one-stop-shop' for all things related to private aviation. Members can utilise the operators and brokers within the group to search for, enquire, and confirm a charter flight pretty much from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

The brokers, operators & affiliates have all been vetted to the best of my ability to ensure they're genuine and operating in accordance with local procedures and regulations. Many are WYVERN, ARGUS or ISBAO registered operators who have complied with (and continue to comply with) the highest standards of safety, and crew training, as well as performing the necessary maintenance on their aircraft. In short, members can be 99% certain that an operator they discuss options with is as genuine as can be determined.

Within the group itself, there are files in .pdf format, which are available to download free of charge to anyone that wants to know how the whole chartering business model works. Great tools for anyone unfamiliar with the business, or is new to chartering private aircraft.

Pricing: (depending on the members country of residence)

UK/GB - £10/month (GBP)

Europe - €12/month (EURO)

USA - $13/month (US Dollars)

Canada - $17/month (Canadian Dollars)

Australia / NZ - $19/month (Australian Dollars)

Rest of the World - $20/month (US Dollars)

The subscription will cover a calendar month only, so if you join the group on the 20th of the month, you'll get access until the end of that month, but if you join on the 1st you'll receive full access for the whole of that month. An option to be automatically rebilled will be given to all members so their access doesn't lapse but this will be on a request basis.

Payment can be made using PayPal or credit / debit card.

If you wish to join the group, please click a button below.