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Intelli.Jet prides itself on being a charter broker that's different. Most brokers will go to the market and just find a jet at the lowest price.

Here we like to get to know our clients, we want to find out what they like and dislike, what makes them tick. We recognise the fact your time is precious but have found that by listening better to the customer, we can provide a superior chartering experience right from the inquiry being sent, to when you disembark at the destination. Afterall, there are many brokers out there all seemingly offering something similar, but by getting to know our customers better, we can save time and effort during the search process and that makes for a better experience for the customer all round. We're looking to be the broker of choice for return clients as well as brand new ones.

Therefore, when you send your inquiry with all the relevant information, we can confirm what it is you need and then decide which option is best in terms of size of aircraft and range available. Because if your route only requires a light jet, but you want to take a big screen TV with you, or a high number of bags, we'll know if it'll fit and advise accordingly if it doesn't. We don't want to arrange a jet for you which when you come to board, suddenly realise it's unsuitable and your TV gets left behind because it won't fit through the door! 

Also, if there is a specific make or model of jet you're interested in just let us know and we'll find pricing accordingly. We work with brokers and operators worldwide so we can be sure to find an aircraft which is suitable for your flight.

Want to take your pet? Not a problem. Initially all we need to know is breed and approximate weight and we'll find a pet friendly operator for you.

How about a specific newspaper when you board, or brand of champagne? All these things and more can be arranged with a bit of notice so just advise us accordingly and relax in the knowledge it'll all be taken care of. It's up to you.

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Intelli.Jet is the best way to search for a private jet tailored specifically to you, the client.

To make this as easy as possible, simply input your requirements into the inquiry field below and click send.

Your inquiry will be sent directly to our experienced & professional team, then forwarded to the brokers and operators we work with. Once offers come back which usually takes around 24-36 hours, we'll email you directly with the results and our personal recommendations for your flight.

It's entirely your choice to either accept an offer, reject an offer or just cancel the inquiry. We'll never pressurise anyone into making a decision one way or the other, and we'll always be 100% transparent and honest with the information we supply.

If you have any questions or queries, just send an message via the flight inquiry form and we'll be in touch.

Intelligent, Focused, Honest.

Available Jet Categories

There are various sizes of jet which are categorized as follows:-

  • Turbo-Prop - Single or Multi Engine
  • Very Light Jet
  • Light Jet
  • Midsize Jet
  • Super-Midsize Jet
  • Large Jet
  • Ultra Long Haul Jet
  • VIP Airliner

Single/Multi Engine Turbo-Props

There are various types including the Pilatus PC12 (single) and Beechkraft King Air 350i (twin).

Default image
Pilatus PC12
Default image
Beechkraft King Air 350i
Default image
Piaggio P.180 Avanti

Very Light Jets (VLJ's)

Very light jets are the smallest and most cost effective available, and usually seat up to 6 passengers. 

Default image

Cessna C510 Mustang

Default image

HondaJet Elite

Default image

Embraer Phenom 100

Light Jets

Light jets are very popular with small groups wishing to travel a relatively short distance, these will seat up to 8 in a small cabin.

Default image

Nextant 400XTi

Default image

Cessna Citation CJ3

Default image

Embraer Phenom 300

Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets can carry up to 9 passengers, have a range in excess of 2000nm and require a crew of two.

Default image

Cessna Citation Latitude

Default image

Hawker 800XP

Default image

Embraer Legacy 500

Super Midsize Jets

Carrying up to 12 passengers with a range in excess of 3000nm, these are the jet of choice for many millionaires globally.

Default image

Cessna Citation X

Default image

Bombardier Challenger 350

Default image

Dassault Falcon 50

Large Jets

Large cabin class jets will typically accomodate 14 passengers, and boast a range of 3500nm.

Default image

Bombardier Challenger 650

Default image

Embraer Legacy 650

Default image

Gulfstream G450

Ultra Long Range Jets (ULR's)

These are the 'big boys' of the private jet fraternity. Carrying up to 19 passengers and having a range of 5500nm or more, these are the intercontinental jets used for long range operations.

Default image

Dassault Falcon 8X

Default image

Gulfstream G650ER

Default image

Bombardier Global 7500

VIP Airliners

Reserved for groups of 25 and upwards, and commonly used by Governments, Royal Families, and Air Forces worldwide.

Default image

Airbus A319CJ

Default image

Boeing BBJ1

Default image

Embraer Lineage 1000

Flight Request Details

Once you've decided to start a flight search simply fill in the requested details in the form below. Departure airport, arrival airport, date of flight, return date if necessary, number of passengers (pax), any special luggage, and if your flight should be pet friendly. If you are looking to travel with a pet, please say what sort of pet is travelling, breed, and approximate weight will also be required.

Airport Codes Explained

Airports and airfields worldwide use codes to identify themselves and every airport and airfield has a unique code. There are two types used, IATA & ICAO codes. IATA codes consist of 3 letters, usually based on the airport name. ICAO codes are 4 letter, and are country / region based.

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IATA 3 Letter Codes

London  Heathrow - LHR

London Gatwick - LGW

New York JFK - JFK

New York Newark - EWR

Miami International - MIA

Miami Opa Locka - OPF

Birmingham (UK) - BHX

Birmingham (US) - BHM

Paris Charles de Gaulle - CDG

Paris Orly - ORY

Paris Le Bourget - LBG

Default image

ICAO 4 Letter Codes

London Heathrow - EGLL

London Gatwick - EGKK

New York JFK - KJFK

New York Newark - KEWR

Miami International - KMIA

Miami Opa Locka - KOPF

Birmingham (UK) - EGBB

Birmingham (US) - KBHM

Paris Charles de Gaulle - LFPG

Paris Orly - LFPO

Paris Le Bourget - LFPB

When you input your charter flight inquiry below, if you know the airport codes either IATA or ICAO, please use either of these to identify the airports of your departure and destination. The main reason for this is simply to speed up the inquiry process. If you are looking for a flight from Los Angeles to Paris for example, I'll need to inquire which airport in Paris, or even which country! Remember the Paris in Texas? There are at least 5 airports called Paris, 4 of which are in France and they all have different codes, so clarification on which one is greatly appreciated as it enables operators to quote accurately and effectively, in addition to telling everyone where we're looking to fly from / to.

If however you have no idea of the codes, don't worry. Just let me know the country, main town or city and I'll email you with the airport options and we can decide from there. 

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