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Banner Photo Partnership Opportunity

As well as being a UK based charter broker, Intelli.Jet is the main admin of the highly popular and successful Facebook group "Private Jet Charter Flights Worldwide & Short Haul Empty Legs".

Since taking this group over from a previous admin, the group membership has increased from just over 20,000 members in August 2022, to now over 80,000 members in April 2024. this is an increase of about 300% in just 20 months. Also, the membership continues to increase on an average monthly basis of approximately 4% overall and today has the largest membership of any group dedicated to private jet charter on Facebook.

This means that whilst a large membership is great, it does take a hefty amount of time to admin, nurture, and monitor the group in terms of it's membership demographic, posts, spam, scammers etc. This is one of the reasons why the membership has grown to the extent that it has, and continues to grow. The time taken to look after the group is paying dividends for members, brokers and operators alike.

So, if you're a broker or an operator reading this and you'd be willing to consider sponsoring the group banner photo and partnering with me to give your business more exposure, or to advertise your services, then Intelli.Jet can help. Of course there are terms and conditions that apply but if you'd like more information on how this works, then please send an email in the first instance to paul@intellijet.co.uk and I'll respond as soon as I can.

For pricing, please see details below.

Daily (24hrs) up to One Week (7 Days)

24 Hours £50 - 7 Days is equivalent to £50/day with 2 FREE days Included

£ 250 GBP

Two Weeks (14 Days)

Popular with people wishing to "Try it Out"

£ 400 GBP

One Calendar Month

Starting on the 1st of any month, the best value overall and highly sought after

£ 750 GBP